The GMAT is a challenge unlike any other; even knowing where to start can be difficult. The exam adapts to a new difficulty level after each question, calculators are not permitted, and it has a variety of uncommon question types. Earning a top score requires not only a mastery of the content but also a planned, individualized strategy that will work for you.

As a GMAT private tutor, I will work with you to develop a personalized study plan based on your needs, strengths, and goals, and continually adapt my approach as we make progress together. Having earned a 750 (98th percentile) on the official GMAT, I know what it takes to succeed!

In addition to the GMAT, most business schools also accept the GRE, for which I also tutor. I am happy to help you decide which exam is right for you.

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Many students struggle with the GMAT Quant section. Far from a simple assessment of your skills in algebra, geometry, and data analysis, this section tests your ability to synthesize disparate information and determine which strategy is ideally suited for a particular question. I help guide my clients through the core concepts and explore the many ways that the creators of the GMAT make questions appear more difficult than they should be. I always use high-quality materials, including a large selection of official content. 


While perhaps a bit more familiar than the Quantitative section, the Verbal section presents unique challenges in reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. I often find that students have subtle misunderstandings of precisely what the Verbal questions are asking--and many may have not formally covered grammar since high school. I will help you break down each passage, sentence, and question into its composite parts so that you can excel in this section. 

Analytical Writing

The essay demonstrates your ability to construct a cogent response to a (generally flawed) argument. While this section does not contribute to your composite score, it may be compared to other writings submitted with your application, such as your personal statement. I will teach you how to analyze the passage, outline your writing, and craft an essay that can earn you a perfect score. 

Integrated Reasoning

This section tests your ability to interpret a wide variety of data presented in graphs, charts, and diagrams. Much like the Analytical Writing section, the Integrated Reasoning is not incorporated into your composite score--but it can certainly help round out your application. I will teach you how to focus solely on the pertinent information and answer the questions quickly and accurately.

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