"Audra is a great tutor! I came into the process with very little preparation or knowledge of the GMAT/GRE and MBA program expectations. She walked me through the whole testing process and advised me on what was best. She is extremely knowledgeable of the test material. Audra never made me feel like I was asking a silly question and was extremely patient and understanding. Because of our sessions, I was able to gain confidence and hit my target score." - Ada H.

"Audra is an excellent tutor. I engaged her for help on the quant and IR sections, in particular, and she did a great job explaining difficult concepts in simple and accessible terms. I was never able to grasp probabilities and combinatorics before working with her but she patiently explained them until I fully understood and was comfortable doing the problems. She also provided helpful shortcuts that improved my speed and efficiency on the test. Highly recommend!" - Darcy B.

"Thank you so much for all of your help and insight! I really feel like our sessions were what gave me my 50 pt overall boost, and I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without you!" - Chandra N.

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"Audra is attentive and creates a personal connection that allows you to be comfortable when working together. She is patient and will find the best way to help you understand whatever concept you are learning.  She definitely played a major part in helping me raise my GRE score over 15 points and get into the Human Environmental Science Master’s Program at The University of Alabama." - Ryan E.

"I really appreciate how Audra can quickly assess where my deficiency areas are. If any areas are more deficient than the others, she makes a note to come back to those areas until I understand the concepts better." - Robert R.

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